The Odyssey Collection

These are not your mother's spa treatments. These are experiences for the Artist, Adventurer, Poet, that lives inside you. You deserve a true escape: something that is far from average, something that soothes your Unicorn soul. Each Odyssey Experience is entirely unique, and centered around a Place, a Possibility, or a Story. The regular spa playbook has been pitched overboard; so you can expect innovative bodywork techniques, organic handmade products and even a bit of Magic. 

Prepare to be swept away

Completely Relax

Mind .  Body . Spirit

From the core out.

Connect Creatively

Be the you, 

you need to be.

Feel Whole Again

Unlock the inner you. Naturally

The Massage Fix will transform into a box of delights for you to explore: 

  • Each treatment features a unique blend of massage, spa, and healing therapies; designed to transport you away from your cares, and deeper into inner awareness.

  • Exclusive Essential Oil therapy blends, and organic hand-made body products, accent the aroma and feel of each month's journey.  

  • Each moment is choreographed to a specially arranged soundscape to help you float away to another time, place, or possibility.

  • Re-emerge into the outside world bearing a Touchstone keepsake of your journey - an artwork artifact of the message received or awareness discovered.  

A Grand Departure awaits you - ready to help you step away from all the ways in which you've become entangled in the world, and reconnect with the pure sense of delight and tranquility that resides within you.​

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Spa Therapy Designs

Below is a special selection of Odyssey experiences currently available. They do change throughout the year, based on the seasons. Keep checking back for the new therapies, as they are added.

Odyssey Experiences

Perfect for a special gift to yourself or that someone special. Are you trying to rediscover you? Let Ms. Murphy help you unlock those artistic block.

Enjoy a full 75 minute treatment along with a unique touchstone gift for only starting at $129. Male clients accepted by referral only.

The Imaginarium


An expedition into the heart of inspiration.  
A celebration of the creative process.  

An ideal experience for Artists*, Writers, and Starship Captains.  Be relaxed and invigorated by contrasting warm and cool stones, and gentle stretching​. 

* You ARE the Artist of your own life.  


The Sound Bath


Attune to your wonderful healing song.

Everything is vibration.  Einstein knew it, and so will you after you soak in the sound bath.  An immersive surround soundscape helps you detach while the deeply healing tones from Tibetan singing bowls slow your inner tempo. a transformative and dreamy experience. $129

Emerald Heart


Unlike anything you’ve imagined, this exquisite session is done entirely with heated gemstones. This is hot stone and “spa” on a whole new level. Enveloped in a cocoon of sound and healing emerald light, you will be transported by the deeply relaxing heat and subtle energies of more than 20 different types of crystals & gemstones. Emerge refreshed and delighted by the unique relaxation and inner balance that comes from this one-of-a-kind Experience.  $185